First Stage Regulator

Clesse first stage regulator APS2000 Clesse first stage regulator AP40R
Model APS2000 AP40R
Capacity 250KG/hr
11,700,000 BTU/hr
2,800,000 BTU/hr
Inlet Pressure 17 bar 2.8 – 18 bar
Outlet Pressure 0.2 – 2 bar 0.3 – 2 bar
Inlet Connection 1″ NPT 1/2″ NPT
Outlet Connection 1″ NPT 1/2″ NPT
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Clesse first stage regulator APZ120R Clesse first stage regulator APR8510
Model APZ120R APR8510
Capacity 24KG/hr
1,100,000 BTU/hr
3,290,000 BTU/hr
Inlet Pressure 1 – 16 bar 1.7 – 16 bar
Outlet Pressure 1 – 3 bar 0.4 – 1.5 bar
Inlet Connection 1/4″ NPT 1/4″ NPT
Outlet Connection 1/4″ NPT 1/4″ NPT
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  • This regulator is ideal for directly supplying LPG to large industrial heavy duty burners, industrial, agriculture, and commercial installation.
  • Now fitted with safety devices, it is suited for LPG in domestic networks and local distribution first stage pressure reduction.
  • Can also be used in NG, air, nitrogen and other non-aggressive gases installations.
  • Robust design – the female connections are provided with a strong spanner profile.
  • Innovative balanced seat design provides excellent regulation, irrespective of inlet pressure variations.
  • Adjustable models provide an internal adjustment of the outlet pressure.
  • Complies with EN16129.
  • Vent position allows drainage of possible humidity condensation above the membrane.
  • Body and cover : die cast aluminium alloy
  • Cover/body screws : stainless steel
  • Diaphragm: NBR-R according to EN549
  • Valve pad: NBR according to EN549