AIUT Tank Monitoring System

AIUT Tank Monitoring System


Remote Tank Monitoring for LP Gas

Tank Monitoring for LP Gas is a comprehensive hardware/software solution for LPG supply management.  The system includes communication equipment, sensors, as well as back office software package for data acquisition, analytics and presentation. Tank Monitoring for LP Gas is a nearly “plug & play” system that enables distributors to manage LP Gas supplies in the most economical way.



A smart and innovative sensor for many types of propane level gauges (directly or via adapter). The unit measures propane level (by detecting magnetic field) and transmits the data via radio to the OKO5875 every 3 minutes.

• Robust and hermetically sealed unit that can be installed in Explosive Zone (Class I, Div 1)
• Internal battery with 6-year lifetime
• Depending on local architecture, can send gas level data to OKO 5875 up to 656 ft (200 meters) away
• Easy installation with no wires, no special tools required (screwdriver only)
• Works in horizontal & vertical position with gauge accuracy


OKO 5X75




A Compact Data Gateway that receives the data via radio link from tank sensor ALEVEL 0275 and resends it via LTE to the IMR server.

• One OKO can receive and retransmit propane levels for 1 – 6 tanks
• The hourly data of tank levels is sent once or several times a day and presented on customer’s screen
• Prompt notifications (via text message and/or e-mail) at refilling-, critical propane levels
• Remote control enables you to change the parameters and allows troubleshooting without visiting the sites