Tank Monitoring

tank monitoring


IMR System, designed and developed by AIUT, is a state of the art solution for remote readout of the tank level data and used among other applications for the Propane Inventory Management.

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tick iconThe system enables Gas distributors to manage supplies in the most efficient way.


tick iconThe solution can be used for automatic order generation, relieving distributors of managing customer calls.


tick iconSignificantly speeds up and maximizes Return on Investment by supporting distributors in optimizing delivery routes.


tick iconThe installation procedure does not disturb the tank system performance and can be carried out during its regular operation.


tick iconUser-friendly structure of ALEVEL and OKO makes the installation process intuitive and also very simple. The client, with minimal instruction, is able to perform all required operations and manage the system unassisted.


tick iconTens of thousands of installations worldwide have proven AUT’s concept of Remote Tank Monitoring.

time saving


Time-saving and efficient solution

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Delivers hourly propane consumption

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Compatible with a wide range of tanks

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Low, critical and rapid drop alerts

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Robust design for outdoor operation

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Short payback time

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Optimalizes delivery routes

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IoT Connectivity

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Easy on-site installation

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Certified to work in Hazardous Location Class I, Div 1 and Zone 0


A smart and innovative sensor for many types of tank level gauges (directly or via adapter). The unit measures gas level (by detecting magnetic field) and transmits the data via IoT communication (Sigfox, Lora, NB-IoT) directly to server or via OKO by radio to server.


tick iconA robust and hermetically sealed unit that can be installed in Explosive Zone (Class I, Div I)


tick iconInternal battery with a 6-years lifetime (expandable to 10-years lifetime)


tick iconEasy installation process, only requires replacing the gauge dial using two original bolts. Simply unscrew the original dial bolts, take out the original dial out and place the ALEVEL on the gauge. No special tools required (screwdriver only)


tick iconWorks in horizontal & vertical position with gauge accuracy


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OKO 5875

A Compact Data Gateway that receives the data via radio link from tank sensor ALEVEL and resends it via LTE to the IMR server.


tick iconOne OKO can receive and retransmit gas levels from 1 to 6 tanks


tick iconThe hourly data of tank levels is sent once or several times a day and presented on customer’s screen


tick iconPrompt notifications (via text and/or e-mail) at refilling or critical propane levels


tick iconRemote control enables to change the parameters and allows troubleshooting without visiting the sites


tick iconDepending on the local architecture, can connect ALEVEL for up to 200 meters away


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